Our YouTube page will give viewers in-depth interviews with some of the world’s most influential amateur radio hobbyist telling their stories from the world of emergency communications, severe weather events, to communication break down. The Last Wire is a podcast that will profile and share these heroic stories of hams who have voluntarily their amateur radio knowledge and equipment for communications duty when disaster strikes.

The Challenges Facing Ham Radio During A Search & Rescue Operation.

As a working cowboy, he vanished from the Merritt area and his is abandoned horse was found fully saddled on a forest service road northwest of the city two days later. An extensive search by volunteers and police on foot, horseback, in helicopters and on snowmobiles, found no trace. This region presented some communication challenges between the searchers and operations due to the remote search area and the high mountains they were in. Thanks to the team efforts between the GSAR teams and local hams they were able to overcome these problems and keep their volunteers safe.

On this episode of the Last Wire Podcast, we will be joined with Myles, VE7FSR from the Kamloops Amateur Radio Club in British Columbia, Canada.