Beavers welcomed by HRM Firefighters

The First Five Island Lake Beaver Colony was welcomed by the firefighters at Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services Station #58 in Lakeside. The evening began with a welcoming alarm test tone from 911 dispatchers and the firefighters talked about 911, how to call for help, and what it means if the tone goes off during their visit.

In full turnout gear, many were timid by the sight and sound of the firefighter’s face covered with his breathing mask and the loud alarm that was demonstrated as part of the safety equipment worn in fire rescue. Seeing, hearing, and touching the gear helped the youth become more comfortable and have an opportunity to ask questions. Should the youth ever be in a situation where they would require rescue, the children will hopefully be less likely to hide from the people there to help them get out safely.

Seeing, hearing, and touching the Firefighter’s gear helped the youth become more comfortable and gave them the opportunity to ask questions.

The evening wrapped up with the youth exploring the fire trucks and hearing stories from the crew about fighting fires and keeping their community safe.

Originally published in the Parkview Newspaper March 2020

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