1st Five Island Beaver Colony Cleans Up Cleveland Beach after Hurricane Dorian

The 1st Five Island Beaver colony kicked off the new scouting season by giving back to the community after it was devastated by hurricane Dorian.
Cleveland Beach, a summer paradise with sandy beaches, was chosen as the location to do a beach clean-up, with the goal of collecting as much litter as possible. The Beaver Scouts spent the evening walking the beach, looking for the mess Dorian had sent to shore and were pleasantly surprised at how clean the beach actually seemed.

Beach Clean up

Even so, they managed to collect plastic bags, single-use water bottles, old clothes, plastic nets, and fishing gear and filled a garbage bag full. “It gave us an opportunity to talk with the Beaver youth about plastic in the ocean and the importance of marine conservation areas,” says Scouter John Bignell.

“Many of the youth struggled to understand why all the garbage ended up in the ocean.”
The 1st Five Island beavers plan to continue to participate in more service activities throughout the year, John says, enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.
“As Scouts, we all know the importance of spending more time outdoors and getting involved in our communities.”

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