See Some Unusual Birds? LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Hope For Wildlife is asking everyone to not bother any out of place birds.

Birds often get stuck in the eye of a hurricane and will follow it until it dissipates. Because of this we have some birds from south that are exhausted, anxious, and on edge. It’s being asked we leave them alone.

They made a more detailed facebook post if anyone’s interested.

“Some hurricane victims stopping in for a much needed meal. These little guys are laughing gulls, native to the eastern coast of the United States and southward, them and many other species have been greatly affected by hurricane Dorian. Many migrating birds (like the barn swallows along the eastern shore) have been blown of their migration path and are weak and disoriented. 
Please keep an eye out for weak and injured birds, if you see a bird resting PLEASE leave it alone, they are under serious stress and even just stoping to take a picture can push them over the edge in this vulnerable state. 
If you find an injured or distressed bird (or mammal) please bring to Hope for Wildlife’s facility in seaforth or our drop off location at Homeward Bound City Pound in Burnside. 
Our service is still very spotty so please be patient with our hotline as we are trying to answer as many calls as the service will allow.”

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