Preparing for Hurricane Dorion – Practical Advice

With Hurricane Dorian on its way towards us, now is a good time to talk about what practical steps we can all take prior to the storm arrival to better prepare ourselves for any potential storm impact. Here is a list of practical things you can do wot prepare your home and your family.

  1. Review your home owner insurance. Make sure you have coverage in the event of a storm. Ask specifically about flood and sewer back up coverage. Take some “before” pictures of your property and home, especially areas that might be prone to damage
  2. If you have one, make sure your sump pump is working
  3. Get rid of dead branches on trees near your power service line to your home
  4. Clean out your storm gutters
  5. Make sure there is adequate drainage around your home for water to flow away from your house
  6. Move any loose patio furniture, planters, yard fixtures etc
  7. Consider moving travel trailers/boats on trailers inland or parking them in sheltered areas.
  8. Stock up on emergency supplies (personal 72 hour kit)
  9. Fill your tub(s) with water in the event of a power outage that effects water supply/sewage
  10. Fill your vehicles with fuel
  11. Fill extra Gerry cans with fuel for your vehicle/generator
  12. Fill up your BBQ Propane tank
  13. Have some cash on hand in case ATMs aren’t available
  14. Stock up on groceries before Friday
  15. Consider use of social media to check in with family members
  16. Collect up all important papers, documents, and prescription medications and move them to an area where they will be safe from flooding and they can be easily taken with you should you be forced to evacuate.
  17. Make sure you have sufficient pet food to last you for at least a week (because bringing in resupplies of pet food is not a EM priority.
  18. Make sure you have a supply of batteries for flashlights/radio
  19. Charge your phones immediately prior to the storm arrival
  20. During the storm, stay away from windows, skylights and glass doors
  21. If your home starts to flood, turn of the power at the main breaker
  22. If you have a chain saw/axe/hatchet, get it sharpened before Saturday.

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