This Summer May See First Wilderness Helipad Site Designated by Province

The FBWHT Crew

John Bignell, a board volunteer with the Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust, has been working with the province to establish a helicopter landing pad within the Five Bridges Wilderness Area. This landing site would be the province’s first for a wilderness area. “It could play a crucial role in how emergency services respond to an accident within the remote area,” says The Bridge, the association’s newsletter.

“Right now it could take two to three hours to reach someone who is injured and another two to three hours to get them out,” says Mike Marriott, who was interviewed last year by CBC Nova Scotia. “If a helipad was established, they would still have to get in but they could then pick them up and they’d be at the hospital probably within 10 to 15 minutes.” Mike is the president of the Safety-Minded ATV Association and a Trust Board volunteer.

Mr. Bignell has met with the province and the EHS Lifeflight people and “it seems everyone is in agreement,” states The Bridge. Final planning is underway and, hopefully, a new helipad site will be designated and operational by this summer.


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Originally published in The Masthead Newspaper – March 8, 2017:

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