Adopt a Fire Hydrant

When there is a fire in your home the last thing you want to see is a group of firefighters digging out fire hydrants and being delayed in saving your home or a loved one trapped inside. In the midst of winter snowstorm, a buried hydrant can cause serious delays for fire fighters. With thousands of hydrants in every community throughout Halifax and surrounding areas, the city staff wouldn’t have the time or the budget to realistically clear away every hydrant.

Adopt-a-Hydrant lets our city councillors look to community members and community groups for help in keeping our hydrants clear of ice and snow. Under the program, groups or individuals agree to adopt a section of road hydrants and keep it clean of ice and snow. The city could recognizes the participant(s) by erecting signs acknowledging their efforts at either end of their designated section of adoption.

The Adopt-a-Hydrant could be modeled around the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway program which was started in 1997. This program has grown to over 160 groups who have adopted more than 1000 kilometers of roads and highways throughout the province.

It would only take one community group to clear a single hydrant that could make a significant difference in the lives of someone in our community.

The community of Bible Hill want’s it’s members to Adopt-a-Hydrant and Ten-year-old Nash Reid Bancroft took the call of his community seriously.

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