Why I have a garden

Gardening has always been part of my life. I have fond memories of going to the beach each fall to box up seaweed and place it on my grandfather’s garden. As a kid I always had something growing in the window sill of our home and each summer I would plant a small garden in our backyard. I still have spearmint that I planted over 30 years ago, now growing in my garden at home.

Some don’t see the benefits of gardening and see it as a chore, but for me it’s a bountiful opportunity for organic delicious foods. Planting and tending a garden, after a busy shift as a paramedic, I find is an excellent way to alleviate stress and create a quiet respite amidst a busy life. Gardening has always been my escape that for me, produces a long list of benefits with little or no downside.

It may feel intimidating for first time gardeners, but it doesn’t have to be. From a simple herb garden sitting on a sill, a small patio garden, or to larger patches of land, the key is to start small and grow your garden as your interest and time allows. Make sure you plant flowers you love and veggies that you will eat. Blocking off time to garden each week will give your garden the regular attention it will need, so make it a priority and give yourself time to relax in your garden.

The first time you pick a flower or put fresh food on your table will be all you need to get hooked on gardening and realize the time spent was also feeding your soul.

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