Small Group Exploring Possibilities of New Lakeside Community Centre or Improvements

The Masthead NewsThe Lakeside Community Centre plays a key role in the community by providing a place for community members to gather and participate in a wide variety of activities and events. Successful events contribute to the local community’s financial, cultural, social, and recreational stability. Unfortunately, built in the 1950’s as a local school, the Lakeside Community Centre is well past its prime and hasn’t met the needs of the growing community for a number of years now.

This Spring, a simple discussion about the fading community centre has led to a series of formal meetings to be held over the Summer. A small group of business owners and motivated citizens from various homeowner’s associations and community groups have started suggesting ideas and exploring options for a new community centre.

The first official meeting was held July 6 and three more are scheduled over the summer before the group opens discussion to the general public in this Fall. We intend to work with city staff and government officials over the summer to create a recreation needs assessment, a review of existing facility conditions, and analysis of changing demographic and social trends.  Later, a public forum will be held where the association will present its progress and open the floor to residents to hear their views and ideas on a multi-use arts and recreation facility for our community.  Extensive community input, including both stakeholder and  groups, as well as a resident survey, will be instrumental in our success.

For more information on the group and its progress, you can e-mail John Bignell at or watch for notices on the community bulletin board at D & Jo’s Country Market in Timberlea.


Article original featured in “The Masthead News” – July 20th, 2016, Page 5


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