Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls

In 2013, vandalism to the Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls brought together a small group of concerned citizens that wanted more done to protect this historical site so that meaningful research could be conducted. It was concerning that this site had so much historical significance to our

community and that without funding, the opportunity to better understand the site would be lost to treasure hunters and explorers.

Working within the Nova Scotia Archaeology Society, I was able to set up a committee of professional and amateur archaeologists with students to engage municipal and provincial governments to develop a plan for the site. The Bayers Lake Walls Heritage Site Advocacy Committee was tasked with the goal of developing a short term and long term plan to protect and stabilize the Bayer’s Lake Historical (Mystery Walls) Site.

A proposal from the Bayer’s Lake Walls Heritage Site Advocacy was submitted to HRM and subsequently passed on July 28, 2016. The approval will assist in the funding of an X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF) system to analyze soil chemistry in and around the site, which will take about two days of fieldwork. This is the first time that this technology will be used in Atlantic Canada for archaeology and its results will help us better understand the role this site has had in our community.

This is an exciting time for archaeology and a great research project for our community.

2 thoughts on “Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls”

  1. Hi John – just wondering if there are any updates with regard to the X-Ray Fluorescence work at the Mystery Walls?

  2. We had a meeting with Richard Zurawski and the NSAS last month to go over details of the project and secure future funding. More of an update coming soon.

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