Need an excuse to not mow the lawn this spring? – News95.7 Radio interview

It’s that time of year when Halifax yards are filled with dandelions, which have not yet had their first spring cut. As you walk around District 12, you can see many lawns filled with bright yellow dandelions, and each one will be peppered with severalbees perhaps enjoying their first meal of the year. These spring flowering weeds are an important food for many insects, a meal that many of us will spend countless hours trying to remove for cosmetic reasons.

Planting bee loving plants is a great way to increase your vegetable garden, fruit tree and ornamental flower production. I share which plants in my area are great honey bee attractors and how you can find what plants in your area attract honey bees. I also share how you can get your bee loving plants at no cost.

I would like to suggest that maybe we could take a couple of weeks off from mowing the lawn this spring, or even raise the cutting height of the mower. It will not only be the bees that will be grateful, but you will be rewarded with other pollinators too. From butterflies, hoverflies, and beetles feasting on your spring gift you can help create a balanced community that every citizen and insect can enjoy.

Help save your bees, order and plant our free Bee Garden Blend of Wildflower Seeds. Together we can plant the seeds to our future!

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