Safe Pick up

Online purchases are quickly growing in popularity from places like Kijiji or Facebook. Unfortunately, in today’s world, these purchases are not without risk to the purchaser and seller. Most exchanges go without a hitch, and both parties walk away happy, but sometimes there are situations that may make you feel uncomfortable or meeting in places that just don’t seem safe.

In Bellingham, WA, they have built the new Blackstone Street Police station with an advanced camera system to monitor their centre. In addition, they have just installed a sign that invites people who make web purchases with strangers to complete their exchanges at the station. This provides a safe location where transactions can be monitored, and is expected to deter would-be criminals from taking advantage of their trusting citizens.

Halifax has many community and division offices throughout HRM with video surveillance systems in their parking lots. The city could set up internet safe exchange locations throughout the communities to help people feel safe when meeting strangers to make these purchases. It’s a great opportunity to show the importance of creating safe communities and offering a non traditional policing service with simple technologies that help make our communities stronger and better.

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